• Cherokee History

      A History Celebrating 100 Years By Walter T. Pulliam

      If Cherokee Country Club’s two hundred charter members were to visit the Club today, they would be amazed at the institution they helped found. When Cherokee Country Club began in 1907, it was located 4 miles outside of the city of Knoxville and two narrow, graveled, hole-poked pike led to it. Today, one hundred years later, the Club is surrounded by the city, and those two roads-Kingston Pike and Lyons View Drive-are among the area’s most traveled thoroughfares.

      As it celebrates its centennial, Cherokee Country Club is recognized as one of Knoxville’s greatest assets, featuring a classic, elegant Clubhouse; top-quality athletic and social activities, and a golf course designed by the legendary Donald Ross.

      In the century since its start, Cherokee has been the recreational home for generations of families. It has seen hard times, new bankruptcy, police raids, and notoriety. It has also nurtured talented athletes, welcomed celebrities and leaders, experienced growth, expanded its facilities and adapted with changing times. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the physical facilities. Over the decades the Clubhouse has been renovated, updated and amenities added, with the latest improvements coinciding with the Club’s centennial celebration. Athletic facilities have been added and improved. New activities launched and parking expanded.

      But as any member, family, or staffer would tell you, Cherokee’s story is about more than brick and mortar; about more that golf, swimming, bowling, and tennis; and about more than bridge, music, and social events. As this meticulously researched and engaging written history reveals Cherokee Country Club’s story is about the hard work and hearts of generations of people, people who stand together, play together and work together-the latest generation of whom are the leading Cherokee Country Club into its second century.

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